Debt Collection Services

We have expanded our capabilities beyond the traditional medical billing and credentialing services we currently offer you, which we are proud to announce the addition of debt collections department under our business name of Mossman Enterprises, Inc.

You have been either writing-off or internally working patient balances at your office. Short of contracting out to an off-site collection agency like Russell, or Merchants & Medical; or ASR’s 33% default agreements.

We have an intimate knowledge of your office staffing, we have the ability to engage a person in your staff, to ensure to collect aging patient balances.

For that we’d like to earn your debt collection business by providing a more hands-on internal niche’ for a base model of a (not to expire) 27% flat rate debt collections.

As Mossman Enterprises Inc. becomes a Michigan State Certified License Debt Collection Company, it is poised to rapidly become a growing division under Professional Billing Management’s current client list, some of you who aren’t very happy with your [current collection company], and like to change, or you’re ready to finally pay a more affordable deducted {flat-rate} of 27%, when you’re ready to take the next step to having a human you can call to update you on your patient balances in a more intimate environment. We are already direct-connected to your billing company, and it’s staff, in Flint, MI.